My story

For more than ten years Super Concierge has been providing unparalleled service to its clients. Trust, efficiency and expediency is at the heart of Super Concierge. We don’t just want to do a job well. We want to exceed your expectations. We want you to share the wonderful work we do for you with your friends. We will create a stress free environment for you so you can enjoy life without hindrance, a massive to do list and pressure.

Our philosophy is one of the major reasons why Super Concierge is becoming one of the fastest growing services in the UK.

Super concierge is very much a personal service. We don’t have call centre’s but a team of select highly polished lifestyle managers who are here to make your life easy. Each one of our packages has been specifically created to give you the opportunity to live stress free. We organise everything our client needs from home improvements, entertainment, weddings, organise visa and holidays to corporate events.

Our experience stems from almost a decade of working with VIPs in music and film. Organising large film shoots nationally and abroad. We don’t believe in impossible. We simply believe in you. Our results speak volumes.

Our client base is varied, from celebrities, footballers to stay at home mums who need an extra pair of hands. Time is by far the most invaluable commodity. By giving us your to do list you can truly sit back and know that your home, your family and your life is in capable hands.  

So next time you have to wait in for a delivery, organise a house sitter, plan your wedding, research your holiday or scout for a new home simply call, email or text and we will do the rest.

Super Concierge works alongside some of the world’s best suppliers in every country. No matter where you are in the world you can rest assured your travel will be stress free.       

Gabrielle’s natural talent as a facilitator and need for excellent service has earned her the respect of her clients who have remained loyal since the companies inception in 2007.

So come and join us and see how our team of super concierge's can transform your life.