Baby Concierge

Baby Concierge

No one knows more about bables that our Baby Concierge Service. 

Our team are parents too. Like our clients they have been there, done it and have finally sold the pram. 

We understand how exciting it is from the onset. The pregnancy test or tests, the excitement of the pregnancy, nesting and birthing. 

No one warns you about the overwhelming choices of prams, cots, nursery furniture, nappies, car seats, Fairtrade, organic, disposable, clothing, blankets and sales assistants with little knowledge makes the whole experience terrifying. 

Our services help you to get organised. 

- We are able to assist with the nesting phase and ensure that both you and your home are ready for the new arrival. 

- Help create the nursery to your specifications. From state of the art to cosy bedroom. 

- We help you draw up a list of what you ACTUALLY need. The essentials thus saving you hundreds of pounds

- Shopping services of all the major purchases yo need. From the car seat, prams, cots, furniture, video surveillance etc.

- We have a team of doula's who can be with you at the birth. 

We are here for you. 

No matter where you are from London, New York, Dubai, Moscow to Shanghai. 

Drop us an email and tell us how we can help you start this new wonderful journey.