Personal Styling

Personal Styling

Have you ever gone shopping alone and wondered if you really shouldn't have? Or perhaps girls shopping expedition has left you disappointed and broke? With the vast range of choices bombarding you in every store, have you simply felt lost and overwhelmed? Have you returned home, tried on the outfits and realised that choices were impulsive and don't have a place in your already overflowing wardrobe of impulsive purchases. 

Clothes are an extension of our personalities. every impressions counts. Judgements are made within the first 5 seconds of a meet? we guarantee that every impression will be a lasting one from here on in. 

Finding your style is tough BUT we are excellent at what we do. We will teach you about your shopping for you and your personality, how to enhance your body shape and appreciate it fully.  Together can create an incredible wardrobe that is flattering, sharp and fashion savvy. 

With our fabulous stylists there will no impulse buying, panic buying, mass sales purchases - every items you take home will be come an essential part of your wardrobe. 

From high end luxury buying to the ultimate must have high street our stylists will guide you through the maze of the most incredible stores in the UK. 

We specialise in personal shopping, capsules wardrobes and overhauls. 

We promise to ensure: 

- You will leave the day happy and satisfied

- Every item bought will become an imperative part of your being. 

- We work within the budget set. 

- We will save you money. 

- We also offer shopping expeditions for groups saving you time. 

- We know where all the best stores are across New York, London,europe, Paris. From vintage stores to hidden boutiques, sales shopping, outlets.  

All we as you to do is send us a picture, tell us your budget and we will draw up an itinerary for your day. 

Our motto is 'Buy less, but Buy better'