Wardrobe Declutter

Wardrobe Declutter

Is your wardrobe overstuffed? 

Are you finding that the 80/20 rule can be applied to your style. 

Are you buying constantly yet the tags are still attached on your items? 

Are you feeling suffocated by the volume of 'stuff'. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having so much stuff but when its unused taking up valuable real estate and you have no idea how to reorganise and manage a capsule wardrobe that is perfect for every event and occasion. 

So with  every new start, the work starts at the beginning. 

Our wardrobe edit is essential to moving forwards and creating the new you. Reseach has shown that a good declutter enhances happiness and a feeling of well being. 

The edit will remove all the unflattering and unwanted pieces and leave behind those that are silhouettes that reflect your personal style. 

We will go through your personal style over 2-3 hours. 

Wardrobe reorganisation, editing and overhaul is a must for anyone looking to give their life a restart. We will simplify your life. 

Why not combine a wardrobe edit with a personal styling session?