Exotic Birkins and Kellys

The Exotic Collection fo Hermes Birkins are just spectacular.

Made of the finest Crocodile, Ostrich, Ombre and Alligator skin its impossible to choose:

Niloticus: farmed in Zimbabwe this skin is made up of scales that are bigger than the porosus Croc. Its less expensive than its African counterpart. Available in Shiny and Matte.

Porosus: Australian Saltwater Crocodile or more commonly called Porosus Crocodile is the most expensive and exclusive leather in the world. The scales are small and symetrical. Available in Shiny and Matte.

Ostrich: The ostrich skin is synonous with quality. Normally found in 30cm Birkins. rarely made in 35 or 40cm.

Ombre: The lizard is tiny and most Bikins will be in 25cm due to the size of the skin. Available in Shiny and Matte.