Authentic Hermes Birkin

The Hermes Birkin bag is one of the most coveted and iconic bags in the world. Instantly recognisable. Carried by celebrities, socialites, VVIPS and fashion lovers worldwide. 

To get one from Hermes is as difficult as the cure for Cancer. Its virtually impossible. We have sourced and delivered Hermes Birkins to fashionistas worldwide over the last 5 years. Our reputation is incredible within this field and we are proud to count some of the worlds most famous ladies, billionaires and royalty amongst our valued clients.

The history of the Hermes Birkin sprang from a chance meeting between Jean Louis Dumas and jane Birkin. Whilst flying together Miss Jane Birkin Rumour has it that Jean Louis Dumas met the fabulous Jane birkin abroad a flight. whilst placing her bag in the overhead compartment her belongings spilled out. Frustrated she explained that it was so difficult to find a supple leather bag. Dumas tweaked the HAC, a design from 1892 and named the bag after her. The rest as they is history…

Essential details: 

- Hermes Birkins come in 4 sizes - 25cm, 30cm, 35cm and 40cm.

- the bag has a padlock keys, clochette to make it as secure it as possible. 

- The hermes Birkin is available in EPSOM, Clemence, TOGO, Box, SWIFT, Evergrain and in exotics - Niloticus, Porosus crocodiles, Alligator, Ostrich and lizard. The interior is always made of Chevre - goat skin. They are also available with diamonds with an eye popping price tag. 

- Should you require it Hermes offers a spa treatment. 

- Want a special order. This is available. Mix and match the leathers. Create bi or tri colours unique to personal taste. However getting a Special order approved is for the distinguished client base.

- There is a waitlist for Birkins is 2 years and up to 4 years for exotic Birkins. 

Read the essential guide to buying an Hermes Birkin.

The Hermes Kelly was designed by the talented Robert dumas in teh 1930's and was made the must have accessory by the incredible Grace Kelly. She was famoulsy photographed when using it as the tool to shild her pregancy from the paprazzi. 

the bag was instant sensational hit and renamed The kelly in honour of Princess of Monaco. 

The kelly is beautiful and available in teh following specs: 

- Sizes 20cm, 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm

- They are abailable as sellier (rigid and structured) or the Retourne (supple, sporty and fabulous)

- The Hermes Seller is available mainly in EPSOM, box and the other leather such as vache trekking

- The Hermes kelly has a strap

- This is available in leather and exotic. 

- Its possible to special order a unique Kelly. 

Hermes Constance Bag 

The Hermes Constance bag is more difficult to source than the Hermes Birkin and Kelly. Thats not to say they are impossible. Over the years we have had the great fortune in making many clients beam with satisfaction. 

- Hermes Constances are available in a varierty of sizes. The micro, mini which is an 18cm, 24cm, 25cm elan. Whilst the first 4 are square in character. The elan is rectagular. 

- More recently the hermes Cartable has landed. Its taller and wider. Resembling a briefcase. perfect for a chic business look. 

- It is available in both leather and exotics. The leather is predomninaty EPSOM and swift. 

The Constance was created in 1959. named after the designer's fifth child. Rumour has it the first bag left the shop the day the designer gave birth. 

This is a much sought after bag and has not lost its trend appeal. Its ever lasting classic lines makes it a firm favourite for fashionistas.